Our story

We are a private company, established in 1990, specializing in consulting, planning, and implementing digital transformation projects for manufacturing and industrial companies.

1990 – 2001

"In our early years, we focused on automating banking systems and processes. As we progressed, we expanded our services to include solutions for computerization and information management.

2002 - 2010

Further diversifying our portfolio, we introduced systems for the automation of specialized laboratory equipment, catering to both private and public research and development laboratories."

2011 - 2016

As early as 2011, we launched the Simplysens brand, pioneering in the realm of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) systems for production and smart factories. We've developed cutting-edge solutions for the digital transformation of manufacturing and industrial companies based on the IIoT.

2023 - today

In the second half of 2023, we maintained our focus on IIoT and expanded our expertise to include the Unified Namespace (UNS/MQTT) architecture, emphasizing the importance of data as a vital business asset. Additionally, we began offering a comprehensive suite of consulting services tailored to manufacturing and industrial companies embarking on their digital transformation journey.

Partner cooperation

We collaborate with external partners in our implementation projects, ensuring greater adaptability to our customers'¸requirements and swift responsiveness. This approach enables us to maintain high quality and efficient service delivery, upholding the integrity expected and demanded by our customers. Our network of partners includes not only technology companies but also university application laboratories, allowing us to effectively meet a diverse range of client needs.

  • Greater adaptability to requirements

  • Greater responsiveness

  • Higher

  • More efficient service delivery

  • Integrity at the expected level

Who we are?

We are a group of experienced engineers and businessmen who are crazy enough to believe that digital technologies, digital tools and solutions can be open and so simple and accessible that they can be easily managed and used by all employees in manufacturing and industrial companies. In this way, it is possible to achieve that the digital strategy also comes to life in practice and that the company and its employees undergo a successful digital transformation.

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